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2085 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

We are not Realtor's and we do not want to "list" your house. We Want to Buy It for Cash. We are Real Estate Investors who buy houses from people in many different situations. We are experienced in working with all kinds of properties and situations, and we can often solve your problems that seem hopeless. We can make the process of selling a home, “a better experience.”i

CALL: 1.800.696.6827

OC Model Housing Can Give Real Help If You Are ---

* Behind on your house payments?
* Facing Foreclosure?
* Making double payments?
* Bought a new home, but can't sell the old one fast enough?
* Trouble selling because of no equity?
* Death of a loved one?
* Need to settle an estate?
* Job Transfer or Relocation?
* Liens or Title Problems?
* Need to sell because of a divorce?
* Tired of being a landlord?
* Is your house vacant, or in need of repairs?


redeyeWe’ll help you see blue sky’s  Phone: 1.800.696.6827 IT’S A FREE CALL!

2085 Placentia Ave.           Costa Mesa, CA 92627

National Foreclosures:  Last Update: 12/09/12 6:10 PM EST

  • Foreclosures: 755,153
  • Pre Foreclosures: 450,092
  • Auctions: 632,950
  • Broker Listings: 521,889
  • Total Listings: 2,360,084

We Can Help .. Give Us A Call! You Have Everything To Gain!

CALL: 1.800.696.6827

Cash Rewards for a Referral!

Are you looking to make fast easy cash? We pay cash for referrals...up to $1000.00.

We buy Homes in the Southern California and Hawaii. Do you know someone who needs help with selling a home? Someone going though foreclosure? A home that is vacant and will not sell? A person who is behind on payments and needs help?

We will pay a cash reward for giving us the lead and if we close on the house we'll pay you a finders fee. Have any questions?


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